Issue: 1 (4)/2013

Bibliography of translations of Slavic literature (1990-2006)

Bibliografia przekładów literatur słowiańskich (1990–2006). Issue 1(4)/2013. Ed. Bożena Tokarz. Katowice, Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Śląskiego, 2013, 388 p. This publication is the last part of the first issue (1 (1)/2009) entitled Translation choices in the years 1990-2006 (Wybory translatorskie 1990-2006.). It provides a record of the translations of Czech, Slovak and Macedonian literature in Poland and, vice versa, from Polish literature into ​​Czech, Slovak and Macedonian. At the end of the last part of the first volume – the fourth one – an index of authors and an index of translators were added to all the bibliographic parts of the first volume in order to help readers use the bibliography and facilitate their drawing conclusions about the translation choices.