Issue: 8 (1)/2017

Paratexts in the reception of translation

The Volume 8, Part 1, of the journal „Translation of Slavic Literatures”, is devoted to reflection on paratexts accompanying translations of Slavonic literatures, divided into five problem parts exposing another aspect of reflection on paratexts in the reception of translation, and concerns in particular literatures: American and Bosnian-Herzegovinian, Croatian, Czech, Polish, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, but also German. The articles in the volume concern the role and functions of paratexts (Izabela Lis-Wielgosz, Bożena Tokarz, Monika Gawlak), the active role of peritexts in intercultural dialogue and in the translation series (Katarzyna Wołek San Sebastian, Małgorzata Filipek, Amela Ljevo-Ovčina, Jakob Altmann), persuasive nature of introductions and their ideological dimension (Joanna Królak), ways of influencing of reviews and their current illocutionary force (Sylwia Sojda), footnotes and the information that they complement reading (Robert Grošelj, Weronika Woźnicka, Katarzyna Bednarska, Kamil Szafraniec). The last part of the volume concerns biographies and letters, treated as a kind of epitexts, which may not refer directly to translated works, but describe the context in which a literary work is created (Tea Rogić Musa, Leo Rafolt). All texts, except three, have been published in Polish. The article by Amela Ljevo-Ovčina is in Bosnian, by Robert Grošelj in Slovenian, and by Tea Rogić Musa in Croatian. The publication is addressed to researchers of Slavonic literature and cultures (including Polish), students, and all interested in knowledge about Slavic cultures.

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