Issue: 6 (1)/2015

Translator’s freedom towards imperative of the text

Wolność tłumacza wobec imperatywu tekstu. Issue: 6(1)/2015. Ed. Bożena Tokarz. Katowice, Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Śląskiego, 2015, 300 [4] p. Articles in this volume are ordered in two parts entitled Translation as imitation and Text and source culture in the light of the target culture. In the first part, there are works discussing influences and inspirations as a creative and pragmatic phenomenon, and as a result of text interpretation in the context of the target culture. In the second part, the authors consider the possibilities and goals of imitation as well as expectations of the recipients of the translation. Imitation in translation is understood broadly: not only as an artistic inspiration, i.e. quite liberally, but also as respecting the text and the source culture in the light of the target culture; as behavior of denotative-connotative information about the source culture or third culture, in the perspective of the target culture recipient.