Stereotypes in artistic translation

Vol 4 No 1 (2013)

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Introduction: Wokół stereotypu i jego przekładu (Bożena Tokarz) Download

Maciej Czerwiński: The role of stereotypes in shaping the polyphonic literary and cultural universe based on the example of the original and Polish translation of Ivo Andric’s novel The Bridge on the Drina Download Rozwiń

Anna Muszyńska-Vizintin: Source text’s destereotypization of interpretations in the process of translations — some theses about the culinary art of Adam Mickiewicz’s Sir Thaddeuss in Rozka Štefan Slovenian translations Download Rozwiń

Joanna Mleczko: Bulgarian wedding rite in translation of Snaha by Georgi Karaslavov Download Rozwiń

Małgorzata Filipek: Male gender stereotypes in the Polish translations of Miloš Crnjanski’s, Tales about men Download Rozwiń

Aneta Todevska: Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz’s fallocentric stereotypes in Macedonian translation Download Rozwiń

Paulina Pycia: Female stereotype — Miro Gavran’s drama Sve o ženama and its Polish translation Download Rozwiń

Sylwia Sojda: The Subculture in the stereotype, the stereotype in the subculture: A few notes on the Slovak translation of Wojna polsko-ruska pod flagą biało-czerwoną by Dorota Masłowska Download Rozwiń

Józef Zarek: Pepiki by Mariusz Surosz in Czech translation Download Rozwiń

Katarzyna Majdzik: Juggling Stereotypes by Miljenko Jergović On the Polish Translation of the Novel Srda pjeva, u sumrak, na duhove Download Rozwiń

Marlena Gruda: Stereotypical Slovene victims novels in translation using Vlado Žabot’s novel Wilcze noceDownload Rozwiń

Bożena Tokarz: Ostatnia Wieczerza by Paweł Huelle (and Jana Unuk) as a confrontation with own tradition and other people’s culture Download Rozwiń

Adriana Kovacheva: The Paradoxes of Polish Poetry’s Anthologising in Bulgarian Language Translations Download Rozwiń

Marta Buczek: Stereotypes in the translation of Slovak short stories under the title Fairy Tales for Naughty Children and Their Caring Parents by Dušan Taragel Download Rozwiń

Mateusz Warchał: Attributive errors — their psychological distribution, possible evaluation and elimination in the translating process Download Rozwiń

Leszek Małczak: Stereotypes in the reception of Croatian literature in the period of 1944—1956 Download Rozwiń

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