Issue: 1 (4)/2013

Bibliography of translations of Slavic literature (1990-2006)

Volume 1, Part 4, is the final part of the first volume of part 1, entitled Translators’ Choices 1990-2006. It compiles translations from Czech, Slovakian and Macedonian literatures published in Poland, as well as of Polish literatures into Czech, Slovakian and Macedonian. At the end of the fourth and final part of Volume 1, the reader will find an authors’ index and a translators’ index with references to all the bibliographical parts of Volume 1, the goal being to provide assistance in the use of the bibliography and to facilitate inferences about translation choices. Volume 1 thus constitutes a finished whole which represents the mutual reception of Slavic literatures at the level of documented facts as well as in artistic, cultural, sociological, and psychological context and from the theoretical-critical perspective, which complements translation theory. Conclusions which can be drawn from the records of activity in translating and publishing in the various Slavic countries touch upon not only the presence of Polish literature in other Slavic cultures, but also the literatures of other nations in Polish culture and consciousness. Comparisons concerning the degrees of mutual knowledge among Slavs provide material for studies of intercultural communication between nations and communities stereotypically regarded as very similar and linked by bonds of familiarity and mutual understanding.

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